Benefits of Single-Family Fully Detached Homes Vs. Condos and Townhouses

Single-family fully detached home ownership has been called the true American dream and there are many advantages to this as opposed to buying a condo or townhouse.

First, there are no homeowners association fees with single-family detached ownership when they are designed without HOA’s. These fees for condos, which accrue monthly, can be over $1000 and are in addition to your mortgage.

Also when there is an HOA there are bylaws and restrictions. Restrictions can sometimes on colors, additions, pools, tennis courts and more. When not encumbered by an Hoa you have more freedom to customize your home and lifestyle. Similarly, you can renovate, expand and alter your home more easily if it’s single-family fully detached as opposed to a condo or townhouse that is part of a homeowners association. Another advantage of being fully detached is that if your neighbor has a flood or fire it will likely not affect you, you also won’t smell their cooking or hear their children running around, yelling, etc. Also, according to many studies, single-family homes routinely maintain their values better than condos and townhomes.

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