The Benefits Of A New Home Warranty

Like all warranties, a home warranty is supposed to protect against expensive, unforeseen repair bills and provide peace of mind. They help homebuyers avoid payment shock, which is moving into a home and then in year 3 the boiler or roof goes… and they have to repair it while still paying their mortgage. Builders who give NYS warranties help buyers be financially protected when they move in.

For a Long Island homeowner who doesn’t have an emergency fund or who wants to protect their emergency fund, a home warranty can act as a buffer. Home warranties also make sense for people who aren’t handy or who don’t want to worry about tracking down a contractor when they have a problem. Warranties can also make sense for people with expensive taste in appliances.

The subject of home warranties often comes up during the sale and purchase of a home. A home warranty can provide reassurance to a homebuyer who has limited information about how well the home’s components have been maintained (or how well the home has been built, in the case of new construction). A warranty can also be helpful for someone who has just depleted their savings to buy a home and wants to avoid any additional major expenses.

Paramount Homes provides structural warranties, warranties on craftsmanship and warranties on plumbing heating and electric systems. This is one of the main reasons Long Islanders buy new homes and go to Paramount in the first place. You put a lot of money into your home and new warranties go a long way in protecting that investment.

For more information about the home warranties that Paramount Homes provides, contact us today.