Timing of Home Completion and Delivery

Most people believe that to buy a new home you have to wait a year or two years to move in.

This- ladies and gentlemen- is simply not true.

A large builder like Modern Age usually has a ready supply of already completed or partially completed short delivery homes. That means you can choose from immediate move-ins, 60 day, 90 day, 6 months, 1 year or even up to 18 months to move-on.

This ability to offer a wide range of delivery time makes buying from a large builder like Modern Age so special and advantageous.

Families can actually customize not only the colors of the homes, but the actual delivery times of those homes.

I have personally sold hundreds of homes in which I helped match families’ individual home completion time frame desires, with their wedding dates, job changes, childbirths, salary increases, obtainment of gifts and tax refunds, lease terminations, and their need to save some more money.

This makes the process of buying a brand new home so much more relaxing, intelligent and strategic- because the move in day can be customized to your family’s life circumstances

Bottom line – if you need it right away-

We got you covered!

If You need it in a year-

We got you covered!